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drawing the costume

First, I thought I would sketch my costume on paper.

This year, I thought I might make my own costume.  I decided to make an oven, because I have been very particular about my food selections lately, and my oven, you see, is quite particular, too.  I feel a certain affinity for my oven, because it, like me at the moment, will reject any food it doesn’t care for. Sometimes it will burn it, sometimes it will mush it, and sometimes it will simply refuse to cook it in the center.  We try to find foods that the oven likes, according to her whims.  So, I think, like me, she is fickle, and so I decided to be her this year. 

Cutting out my costume.

Then I would cut it out.

Right now my handsome husband is half-costumed: he is wearing his apron and his green shoes and making risotto while I am busy being the choosy oven. But it isn’t exactly a costume for him because he wears this same ensemble quite often. (He is a genius in the kitchen.)

oven costume

Our costumes.

So, have you caught on yet? I’m not actually making an oven costume. Because, like my husband I am already in costume. Guess what is inside of me this Halloween?

bun in the oven

Bun in the oven!

This recipe will take six more months.


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